freelance google analytics expert matthias kupperschmidt presenting at Founders House, 2019

Google Analytics Freelancer

  • GA4 eCommerce
  • Custom Events
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Google Analytics 4
  • Facebook CAPI
  • G Ads Enhanced Conversions
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Cookie Banner
  • Advanced Matching
  • JavaScript
  • React
  • Python
  • EN, DE, DA
remote from Copenhagen, DK

I'm working daily with Google Analytics & GTM - for hours. Intense, right?

Maybe, but I'm an analytical personality and actually like data analysis!

And with 10 years experience and a collection of certifications I can offer you advanced Google Analytics services that are flexible & cost-effective.

So, if you're looking for a reliable Google Analytics freelancer on a remote-basis, contact me for an offer below.

Otherwise see my services, rates, client reviews, processes, certifications or check my professional background on Linkedin.

There's also more about me on my about page. 👋

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Outsource your Data Analyst

I’ve worked in top analytics agencies and have over 10 years of experience.

Independently, I completed over 100 projects for a range of clients from enterprises to small businesses - all through remote work.

My services are designed to offer flexibility to businesses that need analytics support for an ongoing period but only have varying workload. So for small and medium-sized businesses short-term contracts are very efficient and affordable compared to an agency agreement.

My technical skills extend beyond Google Analytics, as I'm also proficient in JavaScript, enabling me to provide code solutions too. I'm multilingual, fluent in German, English, Danish, and Spanish, which allows me to serve a broad spectrum of international clients.

Reliability and transparency are at the core of my work ethic. I believe in clear communication, keeping clients updated on project progress, and I never make promises I can't keep. My commitment to these principles is reflected in the positive reviews I've received from clients.

In addition to my freelance consulting, I've been writing about Google Analytics since 2018, sharing my insights and expertise with a wider audience.

I look forward to bringing this wealth of experience and dedication to your next Google Analytics project.

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Freelance Services

enhanced ecommerce

GA4 Ecommerce Setup

Track product revenue and collect ecommerce events such as add to cart, begin checkout and purchases. Go-to solution for all web stores. Integrate the user journey with G Ads & Facebook.

conversion tracking

Conversion Tracking

Track conversions and use them for retargeting on Facebook, Google Ads, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok and the like.

Google Analytics Training

Google Analytics Training

I teach you where to find custom events, conversions, how to break them down across dimensions and how to build your own reports.

Google Analytics Audit

Google Analytics Audit

Let's check your tracking system for errors, ensuring the data you collect is accurate and reliable data.

Google Analytics setup

Google Analytics Implementation

Get a state-of-the-art GA4 tracking setup fully GDPR compliant following all the best practices and with custom event tracking.

Facebook CAPI

Facebook Conversions API

Share your Facebook events server-side and leverage advaced matching to boost FB campaign performance.

cookie banner

GDPR compliant cookie pop-up with privacy management options for visitors. Consent management platform installation - optionally with GTM consent mode.

server-side GTM

Server-Side Google Tag Manager

Increase the cookie life time of your Google Analytics and Facebook cookies or move your conversion tracking server-side to improve site performance.


Services are charged at a rate of 120€ per hour, with total cost calculated based on the estimated hours required for your remote project.

As a freelancer specializing in Google Analytics, my hire will streamline your project structure, eliminating the overhead costs commonly associated with agency-led projects. This includes costs for project management and accounting. Also, you'll benefit from more efficient communication and reduced complexity due to a smaller team.

All projects are provided with a flat fee quotation upfront, ensuring you can budget effectively without concern for unexpected costs.

For those in need of continuous consultation, a monthly retainer fee can be arranged.

Payments are accepted via various convenient methods including local bank transfer, credit card, PayPal, and even Bitcoin. This wide range of payment options complements the ease of managing remote work relationships.

Skills and Experience

Since 2014, I have been steadily building my expertise in Google Analytics, and from 2016, I've been working with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager on a daily basis. 😎

In 2016, I began to professionally set up Google Analytics Universal Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and Conversion Tracking for Google Ads, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

This experience was further enriched by my tenure at multiple top digital agencies specializing in Google Analytics.

A significant milestone in my career was in 2017 when I learned JavaScript, a skill that has broadened my capabilities and sparked my interest in the field of programming.

I have also pursued a range of certifications to further enhance my skills and stay abreast of industry trends.

These include Advanced React and GraphQL, R Programming, Google Cloud Platform Essentials Training, React for Beginners, Advanced Google Analytics, CSS Fundamentals, Google Partners - Analytics Certification, Adwords Fundamentals, Adwords Shopping Certification, Ecommerce Analytics: From Data to Decisions, and Google Tag Manager Server-Side.

Since becoming self-employed in 2019, I've set up Google Analytics server-side with Google Tag Manager and transitioned to Google Analytics 4.

My client base is diverse, encompassing multinational enterprises, local e-commerce shops, and real estate agencies, among others.


  • Initial Consultation: In a free video consultation, we delve into your specific needs for Google Analytics. We'll determine whether integrations with platforms like Facebook tracking or Google Ads Conversion Tracking are required, or if modifications to your current analytics setup will suffice. The key here is understanding your ultimate data collection goals and how they tie into your broader business objectives. This is also where we establish any necessary Google Analytics training goals.

  • Quote: Following the free initial consultation, you'll receive a detailed quote. This will be a single project price, firm and unchanging, unless a significant project scope alteration is necessary due to unforeseen developments.

  • Audit: If you have doubts about the accuracy of your current tracking setup, an analytics audit will be conducted. This comprehensive examination pinpoints any issues, like duplicate transactions, repeat page views, conversions lacking essential data, or tags not adhering to consent settings.

  • Custom Solution Planning: A solution tailored to your specific needs will be devised to address your problems and meet your objectives. With myriad ways to implement a tracking solution, the plan chosen will be the best fit for your unique circumstances.

  • Implementation & Configuration: The next phase involves applying best practice settings to your Google Analytics and crafting custom JavaScript code via Google Tag Manager. This encompasses custom event tracking, form tracking, conversion tracking, and synchronization with campaign tracking and marketing pixels.

  • Validation Period: A short validation period follows implementation, during which the new data collection process is monitored for accuracy. Any discrepancies or errors in data collection will be promptly corrected.

  • Custom Reporting: Custom reports in Google Analytics are then created to provide you with the exact data you've been looking to track. This way, you can obtain valuable insights without having to navigate the intricacies of Google Analytics yourself.

  • Communication: Throughout the process, regular updates will be provided primarily via email. You'll be kept informed about published changes and upcoming steps. For complex matters, video recordings will be shared for clear, easy-to-understand explanations.

Freelance Consultants vs. Agency

Independent Google Analytics contractors add value solely through their neutral role.


Usually, an agency is hired for planning and executing digital marketing campaigns, such as SEO, paid search or social media. Afterwards, the same agency is then tasked with validating their campaign performance. So a conflict of interest arises automatically since the outcome of the analysis could have an impact on future business.

An Analytics consulting service solves this problem because it is only for data analysis. There are therefore no conflicts of interest. The neutrality of a freelancer offers to look at campaign results from a neutral standpoint.

But is the quality of a freelancer the same as with an agency? It depends: If it is an experienced Google Analytics consultant, you probably won't notice a difference. Ultimately, it is the same type of person who analyzes the Google Analytics data, only the desk is at a different place.

The fact that it is freelancing, should not impose that the delivery is of lower quality - rather the opposite.

For many experts in their field, freelancing is the typical next step in a career of an agency employee, due to the increased autonomy. A self-employed analytics expert can control which projects to take on and how to run them, while having to do less administrative tasks.

In fact, freelancers or "iPros" are the fastest growing group in the EU labour market since 2004. They account for 7% of the total workforce in the EU and the vast majority (76.6%) made that choice freely - including me.

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