Google Tag Manager freelance consultant Matthias Kupperschmidt presenting at Founders House, October 2019

Google Tag Manager Consultant

  • Tracking Setup
  • Retargeting
  • Ecommerce Tracking
  • Google Analytics
  • Custom Event Tracking
  • JavaScript
  • React
  • Python
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remote from Copenhagen, DK

I am a Google Tag Manager consultant and I plan and implement tag management systems for my clients.

With tag management systems you can implement multiple third-party tags (e.g. Google Analytics, Facebook pixel, Google Ads) on your website quick and easy.

Tag management platforms became a super popular marketing technology during recent years. In fact, the global tag management system market is anticipated to continue growing with an annual growth rate of 5.7% until 2024.

Google Tag Manager (GTM) is the most widely used tag management solution with a market share of 94% in the tag manager market and free in its standard version.

Through GTM, I deploy tracking setups integrated with third-party tags that scale over multiple websites and languages.

It enables you to use user interactions from your Google Analytics account to create user segments for your marketing efforts, like ad campaigns on Facebook Ads, Doubleclick or Linkedin.

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As a freelance Google Tag Manager consultant, I offer the same services (or more) as a typical digital marketing agency. You save time and budget since the communication is directly with the Google Tag Manager expert. No project management and administration overhead cost.

Here a short list of my Google Tag Manager consulting services:

  • Google Tag Manager installation
  • cookie banners
  • event tracking
  • Google Analytics implementation
  • campaign coordination with media and web agencies
  • enhanced eCommerce tracking
  • data layer implementation
  • data integration across tags
  • retargeting with e.g. Facebook, Google Ads, Twitter, Linkedin
  • goal conversion tracking
  • affiliate tracking
  • campaign tracking
  • video tracking
  • Data import and export
  • debugging and troubleshooting
  • custom tag solution with JavaScript

Any tagging solution can be deployed and changed quickly via the GTM container or any other tag management solution. GTM evolved as a standard for managing data, marketing tags, analytics and custom tag implementations primarily because a GTM account is free and works reliably.

Since its release, marketers can finally execute and adjust their digital campaign strategy very flexibly since no changes in the source code are required.

What is Google Tag Manager?

Google Tag Manager is a tool to implement and configure tags on a website. You can define rules for the execution of each code snippet and define exactly which data it has access to.

Everything is done from the user-friendly Google Tag Manager interface, which delivers a quick and snappy developer experience. Implementing new tags through a graphical user interface (GUI) in itself is a welcome new experience, because it requires less concentration and saves implementation time.

Google Tag Manager is essentially a container tag through which you can implement all other marketing tags on your website. Only the Google Tag Manager code snippet goes into the source code and the remaining code snippets can be implemented and configured at scale from the Google Tag Manager account.

You can even test any new tag with it's preview mode to ensure everything works as intended before you send real data to your analytics tool.

Through its flexibility, it grew very popular for online marketing and data management, especially with Google products. It is so popular, that it is used by 30.4% of websites on the web, counting 4.9 million live websites using GTM. Google Analytics tags that share data with advertising services (e.g. Facebook, Google Ads) are typical use cases.

Read a more detailed explanation of what Google Tag Manager is and see some screenshots of the Google Tag Manager code and its interface if you want to know more.

If you want to learn how to use Google Tag Manager with Google Analytics, read my guide on how to implement a Google Analytics setup with GTM and also how to set up event tracking with GTM.

What are the benefits of Google Tag Manager?

The main benefit of Google Tag Manager is the quick and flexible deployment of multiple tags and the scalable data management among them.

These comparably small implementation changes cost time and add up for clients that run many digital campaigns. Good programmers are expensive and agencies have limited resources. Therefore it makes sense to outsource tag implementation tasks to a tool with a graphical user interface (GUI) and faster deployment time.

Read more of an in-depth list of the Google Tag Manager benefits, to know more.

Why do you need Google Tag Manager consulting?

A GTM consultant plans the Google Analytics implementation and makes sure that other marketing services get the right data about e.g. campaign visits and conversions to optimize your segments.

If you run many campaigns with individual landing pages, a GTM specialist will get conversion tracking added to the analytics reports fast.

By tracking the events on your landing page, you can check the ongoing performance of your campaigns. If the campaign doesn't perform as expected, you will notice it early on and can re-adjust. This feedback-cycle for each campaign brings along learnings to optimize future campaigns.

A Google Tag Manager expert also acts as a developer in your marketing team and helps with tagging, JavaScript tasks and custom solutions around your site.

GTM consulting is increasingly important for clients that rely on other digital marketing services for their business. It maximizes the value of each page view with high quality engagement data about SEO, email and retargeting campaigns to help you optimize your ad spend.

How much does GTM Consulting cost?

My freelance rate is 120 per hour net. If I am to plan a Google Analytics implementation for a client, I estimate the scope of work and send a proposal outlining all deliverables. The scope is dependent on the size of the website and the amount of KPIs that should be tracked.

The website's underlying technology also plays a role in terms of ease of implementation. Google Analytics setups with event tracking and 3rd-party data integration cost between 1800€ and 6000€ net.

If you need continuous Google Tag Manager help for a larger site, a monthly retainer budget according to the expected workload can be agreed upon. Monthly retainers should account for a minimum of 10hrs per month.

Smaller tasks are charged with a flat fee between 100€ and 300€.

My profile

I built my first website when I was 14 years old, to trade movies with my classmates. With 18, I started running an e-commerce shop for table soccer called "Kickerkult". When I got more into Analytics tools, SEO and ran my first newsletters, I was hooked with the web. Since then, I wanted to focus my career on the internet.

I worked in digital agencies since 2011 and focused solely on SEO and Analytics since 2015. I built tag management systems with GTM for e-commerce sites, supermarket chains, car manufacturers, restaurant chains, insurance companies and many other sectors. My clients tend to be enterprises, large companies or they somewhat reflect a similar organization and procedures internally.

I work self-employed as a Google Tag Manager freelance consultant since 2018. I also do search engine optimization and analytics consulting. All out of one hand.

My personality is analytical, rational and pragmatic. I like analysis to find the right solution, but also don't want to have things complicated. Hence, me stepping out of the hectic agency to work for myself as a GTM freelancer was a logical consequence.

To keep my know-how up to date with tag management, analytics and SEO, I run a few websites and visit conferences. I also co-organize the Copenhagen SEO-Meetup.

You can read more about my background on  Linkedin or find more information on my about page.

Looking for a freelance Google Tag Manager specialist?

Reach out if you're looking for somebody to help you with a Google Tag Manager implementation. I can consult you on what events to track and what indicators to look at to optimize your conversions.

Request a quote through the contact page and I will get back with a proposal.