Hi, I'm Matthias

I optimize websites for Google’s search results and implement analytics setups.

I’m German, living in Copenhagen, Denmark. I have worked for 10 years in multiple digital agencies before I started working as a freelancer for Google Analytics and SEO.

According to several personality tests, I am very analytical, rational and structured, while being goal-oriented and pragmatic at the same time.

My story

With 14, I built my first website to trade movies on the schoolyard. It was the best way to show my movie collection to my classmates. I remember creating the first html's with Microsoft Word and later with an editor called "Phase5".

Later I built my own ecommerce webshop for table soccer (or “fooseball” as we call it), called "Kickerkult". I was 18 and an aspiring, wannabe-professional table soccer player, so it was a good combination of two interests I had.
During that time I played many tournaments in Berlin and across Germany. Meanwhile, I managed my webshop, learned to send email newsletters and started doing SEO.
Eventually I got somewhat hooked with the web and its possibilities and wanted to focus my career on it.

Today, I am helping companies of different sizes to get to the top of Google’s search rankings and to track their user behavior - no matter where in the world the company is from.

Well and additionally, I write about SEO and Analytics topics on my blog.

Which city is the next Silicon Valley?

I’m a firm believer that one must not move to the big, glorious cities to accomplish a great career. Through the internet, modern companies, professionals and like-minded, find each other and work together - regardless of geographical distance.

matthias kupperschmidt