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Google Analytics Specialist

  • GA4 eCommerce
  • Custom Events
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Custom Reports
  • Facebook CAPI
  • Audit
  • GTM
  • Data Governance
  • Cookie Banner
  • Consent Mode
  • GDPR
  • JavaScript
  • React
  • Python
  • EN, DE, DA
remote from Copenhagen, DK

I'm working with Google Analytics every single day - for hours! Crazy, right?

Well, I have an analytical personality, so I like it - and now I know GA4 & Google Tag Manager in and out!

And with 10 years of experience in web analytics agencies and a bunch of certifications, I can offer the full range of analytics services to you on a project-basis.

Brands I've worked with
Brands I worked with

So, for flexible & cost-effective analytics support, you can hire me as your independent Google Analytics specialist by contacting me below.

Below, you'll also find client reviews, services, prices, certifications and my process. Otherwise, check my professional background on Linkedin or read my about page. 👋

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Hire Google Analytics Specialist online

Hiring a Google Analytics specialist online provides businesses with access to expert skills in web analytics without the overhead of a full-time employee.

I have year-long expertise in Google Analytics consulting, implementing countless marketing tags and planning sophisticated ecommerce tracking setups with data layers for SMBs, startups, and Fortune 500 companies.

Specializing in Google Analytics has led me through hundreds of client engagements and challenging analytics projects, each contributing significantly to my extensive expertise.

So, if you are looking for a freelance expert in GA4 & GTM, I am uniquely positioned because I bring all the knowledge & experience to your team - on a demand-basis.

By partnering with me as your outsourced specialist for GA, you can leverage my expertise to optimize your digital strategy step-by-step.

GA4 Specializations

  • Google Analytics Setup: Customized tracking setup for your unique business needs

  • GA4 Ecommerce: Leveraging GA4 for E-commerce Tracking and Enhanced E-commerce insights, focusing on Conversion Optimization, attribution modelling, and decision-making to drive conversions and boost your online business's performance.

  • Google Analytics Audit: Dive into your tracking system to identify and correct errors, ensuring clean data that is accurate and adheres to best practices for reliable analytics.

  • Google Analytics Training: Gain niche knowledge in Google Analytics 4 with personalized training. Learn about event tracking, goal setup, audience segmentation, and custom report creation to align with your business objectives.

  • Advanced GA4 configuration: Setting up GA4 properties, consent mode, tags. I provide a solid foundation for data-driven decision making

  • GA4 Custom Reporting: With Google Data Studio and Power BI, I create visually compelling and informative reports and dashboards that make data accessible and actionable for all stakeholders.

  • GA4 Audience Segmentation: Refine audience segmentation for Google Ads, YouTube and Google Display Ads.

Web Analytics Services

Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager

Data governance as well as integrating your data with other marketing tools.



Specializing in efficient problem-solving for any Google Analytics or Tag Manager issues, ensuring your data tracking is accurate and reliable.

support retainer

Ongoing Support

Offering ongoing support that includes basic analysis, tracking code implementation, and cost-effective solutions to maintain and enhance your analytics infrastructure.

enhanced ecommerce

Ecommerce Tracking

Enhance your web store's performance with GA4 E-commerce Tracking. Track product revenue, analyze shopping behavior with enhanced E-commerce, and integrate with Google Ads & Facebook to remarket to the same users.

Tracking setup

Tracking Implementation

Get a professional web tracking setup, fully GDPR compliant and incorporating best practices for tracking code implementation, event tracking, and data governance to ensure clean and actionable data.

Facebook CAPI

Facebook Conversions API

Boost your Facebook campaign performance with advanced matching, dual event tracking through the Facebook Conversions API, enhancing accuracy for Facebook campaigns.

cookie banner

Implement a GDPR-compliant cookie banner that manages consent effectively, integrating with GTM consent mode for improved data governance and user privacy management.

conversion tracking

Conversion Tracking

Data-driven marketing across all marketing platforms. Optimize your sales by tracking user behavior and website engagements. Utilize the event data for precise retargeting and conversion optimization.

Google Analytics Training

Data Visualization

Crafting custom reporting solutions with Google Data Studio, including Real-Time Reporting, to make complex data understandable and actionable.

server-side GTM

Server-Side Google Tag Manager

Extend your analytics and advertising cookies' lifespan and enhance your site's performance with server-side Google Tag Manager. Move your tracking and conversion tracking server-side for better privacy, data accuracy and load speed.

data lake

Data Pipeline

Leveraging my technical skills to integrate GA4 with BigQuery, I automate data processing for efficient insights extraction, allowing for rapid strategic adjustments.


My services are billed at 120€ per hour, with the total cost determined by the estimated hours needed for your project.

Hiring me as a Google Analytics specialist cuts down on the overhead costs you'd find with agencies, such as project management and accounting fees.

You'll also enjoy streamlined communication and simpler processes thanks to working with the expert directly.

I'll send a flat fee quote upfront for all projects, so you can plan your budget without worrying about hidden charges.

A monthly retainer option is available for ongoing consulting needs.

Payments are flexible, accepted through bank transfer, credit card, PayPal, and even Bitcoin, making it easy to facilitate remote working arrangements.

How I work

Working with me ensures that your business benefits from a thoroughly thought through process:

  • Interview: We'll discuss your needs and how your site works to identify key performance indicators (KPIs).

  • Quote: After our first chat, you'll get a fixed project quote.

  • Measurement Plan: We'll document your KPIs, goals, and needs for clear direction.

  • Audit: We'll check your current setup to spot any issues.

  • Implementation: Working alone or with your team, I'll set up and configure your analytics tailored to your site.

  • Validation Period: After setup, we'll watch the data closely to fix any inaccuracies quickly.

  • Custom Reporting: I'll create reports that show the data you care about, making insights easier to find.

  • Communication: You'll get regular updates by email and video recordings on the project status.

Well, that's the power of partnering with a specialist in Google Analytics. Let's embark on this data-driven journey together.


Not only am I well-versed in Google Analytics, but I also hold the respected certification of a Google Analytics professional, bringing a decade of experience to the table. 

  • Google Analytics - For beginners
  • Advanced Google Analytics
  • Ecommerce Analytics - From Data to Decisions
  • Google Partners - Certification Analytics
  • Google Partners - Certification Adwords Shopping
  • Google Tag Manager - Fundamentals
  • Google Tag Manager - Server-Side
  • Adobe Analytics Dynamic Tag Management
  • Adobe Analytics Implementation Intermediate
  • Adobe Analytics Implementation Advanced
  • Debugging Your Website with Fiddler and Chrome DevTools
  • BigQuery
  • R Programming
  • React for Beginners
  • Advanced React
  • Gatsby Pro
  • Advanced Node.js
  • Automating Node.js with NPM scripts
  • Modeling Data in Power BI
  • Querying and Shaping Data in Power BI Using M
  • Building Microservices


What responsibilities does a specialist for analytics have? Let's look at what you can expect.

  • Data analysis - The interface of GA4 is complicated, but I'll help you to find your answers
  • Clean Data - Ensuring that data collection happens reliably without errors
  • Solid Implementation - I consider that websites are in constant change when implementing tracking to ensure a robust data collection
  • Data governance - GDPR compliance across statistics, marketing and performance tags all in line with Google consent-mode
  • Google analytics governance - I help you set up your property to align your companies policies with GA4 settings.
  • Interpret data - Since I understand the data collection process end-to-end I will help you interpret numbers in the GA4 interface
  • Create dashboards and reports - I'll create custom reports and dashboards tailored to your personal KPIs

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